3 reasons behind the popularity of a home theater projector

3 reasons behind the popularity of a home theater projector

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"Either for home entertainment, office, presentations, workshop seminars, conferences, or what have you, the best solution is to choose a projector that will serve all-around purposes, give the best vision, color and image projection. However, making buying decisions isn't easy with an enormous number of projectors out there. Luckily, Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD Smart Projector comes in."                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ----by Lamide

After searching for the famous brands, you will find them not budget-friendly instantly, and you'd be surprised at the prices which are over 150% higher than Alfawise projectors. But how to pick up a good projector?

  1. Choose a projector with sufficient image brightness

What do people care the most? The image brightness. Just have a look at the specs and prices, you'll find that the image brightness is directly associated with the price.

Generally, if a room can be completely dark, like in a cinema, 1800 lumens and 1000:1 contrast ratio will generate the perfect projection effect. As you know, that's nearly out of the question in our daily lives during the daytime, no matter at home or at workplace. In comparison, the 3000 lumens brightness allows you to see the smallest details clearly with ambient light, for example, near a window with blinds.

That's why Alfawise X is the most popular among all our projectors. It is a perfect combination of high image brightness, contrast ratio, and a low price.

  1. High-quality and large images despite a short distance

The resolution is equally critical. The higher it is, the better the image quality will be. You have many options, including 480P, 720P, 800P, and more. 720P is OK, projector owners can appreciate higher solution than someone with 50'' LCDTV. 800P projectors are higher end, great for business, education, commercial. Typically, WXGA (1280 x 800) projectors start around $500 or so, and a low-cost true 1080P projectors are about $1,000.


There is no doubt that Alfawise X is the best choice, providing the highest definition for every budget. Let's find out more about the picture quality it can provide.

"Alfawise X is perfect for home and indoor entertainment, gaming and will bring out the tiniest of detail in images and colors despite being displayed on a large screen." 

Here's what in another review: "The image quality is quite high, the colors are natural. Chromatic aberrations are minimal... No problems with the unevenness of sharpness or brightness were noted."

What about the image size? Alfawise X can turn any small room into a theater, because the throw ratio is high, 1.67:1. "Alfawise X can create a relatively large image from a short distance - for example, the diagonal screen is about 40 inches from the distance of 1m." Enjoy up to 200 inches when the projector lens is 6m away.  "That's impressive — not a feature you find on a regular everyday projector."

  1. Connection and multimedia functions

A projector is wonderful if it can be connected to almost all devices, and you won't have any problem doing so with Alfawise X. It can be connected to a computer, laptop, TV box, USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, DVD, and much more.

The projector has a built-in speaker, and it can be used without connecting to a PC, because it reads all kinds of content well on a USB flash drive, including pictures, videos, audios, documents.


Alfawise X projector has two variants: Basic Version and Android Version. Android Version runs Android 6.0 and it is powered by quad-core 1.5GHz Amlogic S905X CPU, with 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB NAND flash, which means it also serves as a TV box. This is great for streaming movies, TV shows, songs, as well as casual gaming. Alfawise X Android Version also features WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, so it works perfectly with Bluetooth game consoles, speakers, mouses, keyboards, etc. Furthermore, the smart projector supports screen mirroring so what is on your smartphone can be shown directly on the screen.



Alfawise X provides you with the high-resolution, giant screen experience, turns any room into a theater at any time. If this projector meets your demands perfectly, why pay over 200% more money for big brands? Get what you need and feel money well spent!

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