5GHz wifi at $2: the popularity behind our latest tv box

5GHz wifi at $2: the popularity behind our latest tv box

The 2.4GHz Internet speed at prime time is as frustrating as a traffic jam. Everyone has a hard time, waiting impatiently during watching. Meanwhile, a few are on the highway of 5GHz WiFi network, enjoying the privilege. However, 98% dual band WiFi TV boxes are nearly twice as expensive as 2.4GHz ones, far beyond your budget.

Here is good news for you: 5GHz just costs $2! Have a look at Alfawise A8 Pro 2.4GHz + 5GHz TV Box, you'll be glad at such affordable price and high performance.


Is 5GHz WiFi Network Really Better?

The frequency bandwidth of 5GHz network is much wider. Additionally, compared with 2.4GHz, more channels are available. Simply put, using 5GHz signals, the TV box is like driving on the highway at full speed.

The above are the network performances of Alfawise A8 Pro in 5GHz and 2.4GHz. The graphs clearly show you the difference. Evidently, 5GHz WiFi averages 200% faster than 2.4GHz. In 5GHz, streaming HD videos and watching 3D blockbusters will not be a problem in any cases.


Other Competitive Advantages Of A8 Pro

1. Android 8.1 OS,faster than all previous versions. With picture in picture mode for multitasking;

2. 2GB RAM + 16GB eMMC, twice as much memory as other TV boxes at similar prices;

3. Supports to 4K 10-bit H.265 video @60fps, 3D movies, and VR games with powerful RK3229 Quad Core CPU, Mali-400 MP GPU;

4. Abundant interfaces to extend the functionality and transform A8 Pro as a mini computer.


A8 Pro vs A8, What's Different?

A8 remains our best-selling TV box, but the future belongs to A8 Pro. The only difference is that you have 22 more non-overlapping 5GHz channels. Free yourself from the crowded 2.4GHz network. Just $2 more! Why not?

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