Alfawise N816 Smart Home Security 1080P WiFi IP Camera FAQ

Alfawise N816 Smart Home Security 1080P WiFi IP Camera FAQ

  We released this new generation IP camera - Alfawise N816 smart IP camera. It features a compact design, rich features and a high price-performance ratio. Now, Alfawise N816 smart IP camera has been available on Gearbest. Have some questions about it before buying it? You may find the answers below.



1. How to deal with product connection failure?
● Please confirm that the connected wireless network is a 2.4G router. If you connect with RJ45, please confirm whether the connection is OK.
● If the connection is not successful, reset and reconnect the device.

2. How does APP add devices?
● Open the app “ iCSee”, Select “Set up my device to WiFi”

● Enter the router password.

The Alfawise N816 Smart IP camera is added successfully.

3. What is the difference between humanoid detection and mobile tracking?
● Humanoid detection can be judged whether the human body moves. If it is the movement of the human body, an alarm will be issued, which can filter out some false alarms caused by non-human movement.
● Mobile tracking is not only for the movement of the human body. The camera detects any movement and will alarm, and the camera shakes the head to track the moving picture.

4. Where are the alarm video recordings and pictures viewed?
● First, the camera must be plugged into a Micro SD card or a cloud storage service.
● Open the video in the app and click on “Playback” below to see “Video” and “Photos”, in “Video playback”, select “Regular” or “Alarm”.

5. How to share with your family?
You can support 5 people online at the same time. There are two ways to share with your family:
● The family member can select “Add Device in at the same WLAN” in “Add Device ".
● You can click “Share” in the APP video to send the device information code via SMS or email. The family opens the app in the add device, select “Add Share Device”, and then paste the information code to complete the addition.

6. How to use the Watch function?
Watch function is to open the mobile tracking function, the camera completes the mobile tracking and returns to the position you set in advance and stays in the watch position for you to guard.

7. How to set the watch function?
● First move the screen to the position you want to watch,
● Then click “Set Watch”. The watch time is to return to the preset watch position by pressing the set watch time after completing the motion tracking. "

8. How to set the camera's voice alarm switch after turning on the mobile tracking function?
Voice alarm settings for mobile tracking and humanoid detection are set in the same place in the app. That is to say, select " Alarm Action " in " Motion Alarm " in the setting, there is " Device Beep " in the menu, select to open or close, if it is on, the mobile tracking function only has an alarm sound, no voice alarm. Voice alarms are only available when the humanoid detection function is available.

9. How to use the Cruise (Tour) function?
You can move the picture to the 3 area points you want to cruise, then start the cruise, and the camera will shake your head to the 3 points set in advance to cruise back and forth.

10. Does N816 support cloud storage?
Yes, it supports cloud storage.

11.What is the maximum storage of the Micro SD card?
The maximum storage o is 128 GB.

12. How to save the settings in the APP?
After change the setting in the app, please click "Save" in the upper right corner.

13. Does the N816 support Auto Track and Humanoid Detection?
Yes, but humanoid detection and mobile tracking cannot be turned on at the same time. If humanoid detection is enabled, the mobile tracking will be turned off.

14. What alarm methods does N816 support?
APP remote alarm notification, Take a Video, Snapshot, Device Beep and voice ( more than 10 fixed alarm voices are optional).

15. Can you change the recording time?
Yes, the recording time for each segment can be selected from 5 minutes to 120 minutes.

16. Can the N816 support simultaneous online connections for several people?
Yes, You can support 5 people online at the same time.

17. Can cruise points be deleted and reset?
Yes, the cruise point can be deleted and reset. Press and hold the 3 area buttons to delete and reset.

18. Can the APP reset the device?
Yes, click “ General About Device” in the APP “Settings”, you can see “Restore Factory Settings”.

19. What power adapter does the Alfawise N816 use?
5V / 1A of the Micro USB power adapter.

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