Top Budget Razor For A Flawless Face

Top Budget Razor For A Flawless Face

To improve the look of your face, you probably cannot help shaving the untidy or messy beard/sideburn now and then. How to have a clean-shaven face instantly or shape the beard perfectly? The popularity of the portable single-blade electric shavers on the market is the answer. However, the newly designed Alfawise RHC5000 is definitely the top budget electric razor.

It Is The Blade That Matters

Through precision machining, the blade of Alfawise RHC5000 is sharp, and ultra-fine (0.15mm), rotary, adapting well to the contour of the face to remove each hair. This single-blade structure guarantees even and smooth shaving. The stainless steel blade will not cause irritation, friendly to any sensitive skin. Moreover, three combs (1mm, 3mm, 5mm) are included for leaving the desirable length of hair on your face.

Detachable from the handle, the blade head facilitates cleaning and replacement. To improve the durability, the head of Alfawise RHC5000 is made of POM, a stronger and more wear-resistant material.

 $2 More To Get 3x Value

If you have been looking for electric razors online, you will be certain how sensible it is to choose Alfawise RHC5000, it's amazing that its value exceeds any other shaver twice more expensive from famous brands. The quality of $9.99 shavers is disappointing, so why not spend a little more to have a much better electric razor?


From the form above, it is easy for you to find out that Alfawise RHC5000 works for 60 minutes and it only requires 2 hours to be fully charged. It is also IPX4 waterproof, durable and budget-friendly. This is because Alfawise is dedicated to giving every man a wonderful look. In general, why spend over 100% more to have a less satisfying electric shaver? Don’t hesitate! Your only worry about Alfawise RHC5000 is that you will be too attractive.


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