Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer

Enjoy 100% Completion Rate on Every Print

Do you feel frustrated when a print has stopped and become desperate looking for the solution? Then try the Alfawise U20! You will love it because of the two resume functions: power outage protection and filament run-out protection. Both of these powerful features are not available in almost 95% of budget 3D printers. 

Why is it important to have the resume functions?

Generally, 3D printing requires as significant amount of time, effort, and material. In the event of a power failure, you will need to restart from the beginning; with a filament run-out, the extruder will continue to move as normal despite no filament being available.

These are the two primary faults of the majority of 3D printers, leading to the printing issues for tens of thousands of people. Being unable to rescue a failed print becomes a frustrating experience.

The problems are too difficult to solve for most users, mainly because they cannot be resolved despite following a complicated troubleshooting procedure; in short, they would rather throw away the failed print instead. Moreover, estimating the exact position to restart the printing process from will never be accurate. Therefore, generally speaking, should a print ever stop, it's doomed to be imperfect.


What is the best and easiest way to solve the problems?

To solve these problems, the versatile Alfawise U20 printer has integrated the filament sensor with a memory function to avoid the previous risks. 

So how exactly do they work? With the filament sensor, if there is no filament extrusion, either the filament has run out or the nozzle itself is blocked. In response, the printer will automatically pause the printing process, while the memory function records the 3-dimensional coordinates (x, y and z) to ensure the process continues exactly from where it stopped.

How reliable are the two resume functions?  

These two powerful resume functions allow the Alfawise U20 to consistently complete any 3D printing project even if you encounter issues along the way!




Do you find these two resume functions useful?

Share your experience with us, or simply contact our dedicated customer service team for technical support from us.

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Pierre St. - August 31, 2018

Fix difficult problems easily
I cannot forget the last time I used my old 3D printer model purchased back in 2015. It lacked ANY resume functions, forcing me to estimate how much filament was needed for the 3D print task. And if the remaining filament on the spool was not enough, I had to set an alarm in advance to manually add some more. On one occasion, I was returning home and another time I fell asleep – both occasions led to failed prints because of filament run-out. I did my best to rescue them, but I was unsuccessful. My older generation printer caused a lot of troubles. Luckily, I bought the Alfawise U20 3D printer, and I’ve avoided many 3D printing problems because it comes equipped with a filament sensor. It always continues from exactly the same place it stopped

Frankie - September 1, 2018

Never leave a 3D print unattended! From experience, this is only possible when the printer has a special ‘power outage resume’ function. Although I’m still a newbie, I read news about 3D printers before purchasing my Alfawise U20 – I know that during the lengthy printing process, mistakes can happen. However, once a 3D printer starts printing, the process should continue until it’s finished. Sure, some enthusiasts install gears like a camera and WiFi board for remote control via a WiFi connection to monitor the process and prevent a failed print. However, this adds significantly extra cost and still requires you to babysit the process around the clock…
That’s why it’s so great to own an Alfawise U20 with its combination of strong features and super low price. I can unplug it at any time and never have to leave the print unattended. Super convenient.

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