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Alfawise U20 Review: What Makes The Best Large Format 3D Printer In 2018

Alfawise U20 becomes more and more popular on the market, ending up the best-selling large format 3D printer in 2018. You must be following Alfawise U20 3D printer for a while and try to find what others think about it. Is the printer worth buying?

For your convenience, we'll show you the reviews from its users, so you can know U20 well in several minutes. Let's look at all aspects one by one and the verdict at last.


Construction and Assembly

"I love the increased use of metal brackets. That's fantastic! Any part of the actual physical construction of the printer is very nice. I was very pleased to see that both the glass plate and the aluminum plate for the heat bed were both incredibly flat ... that quality control can maintain. Fantastic!"

"The assembly process was easy and thoroughly explained, and going from build to print is a matter of minutes, rather than hours."



Color Touch Screen

"I love the touch screen and the user interface... absolutely fantastic! One of the best I've ever touched on any 3D printer! I wish I could somehow put that interface on all of my printers."

"To Alfawise's credit, the touch display is pleasantly responsive. However, this display is mounted on top of the control box, meaning those planning to position the printer anywhere other than desktops and low shelves are out of luck. An angled display would have made the control box easier to use, no matter where you position the machine."



Printing Quality

"Here are all the prints that I could do with the Alfawise U20... Everything is well aligned. Go back on the quality, we can say that there is no defect. It's super smooth... Alfawise gives a better result."


"Almost invisible layers at 0.2mm height, virtually invisible to 0.1mm. The print quality of the Alfawise U20 is breathtaking."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                —Adriano Alfaro

"The device is suitable both as a beginner device as well as a second device for more experienced users and produces the desired objects in our opinion appealing quality..."




Resume Functions

"You can relaunch the print and it will resume exactly where it was still. A great option! Well, do not worry when you're going to print and don't have enough filament."


"The possibility of restarting the printout if the current is missing or if the filament ends, which work perfectly, already all the €260 of this printer is worth."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   —Adriano Alfaro




"The Alfawise U20 is probably the best 3D printer under €300: it includes print resume, touch display, large volume and high quality hardware... the Alfawise U20 is currently our favorite 3D printer - it's almost perfect."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  —Adriano Alfaro



"If you're looking for an affordable printer that meets high quality industry standards, the Alfawise U20 Large Scale printer is definitely worth a look."


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Enjoy 100% Completion Rate on Every Print

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