Alfawise U30 review: the best 3d printer for every budget

Alfawise U30 review: the best 3d printer for every budget

Are you scanning through pages on different shopping sites for a good 3D printer within your budget? You will not care about other printers anymore, after you know our latest 3D printer, Alfawise U30. Compare it with any other 3D printer at similar prices, and you will be sure that it is the best choice!
The build volumes are associated directly with the price: the bigger, the more expensive, so printing up to 220 x 220 x 250mm is satisfying, worth the price. Alfawise U30 printer is just the right size for any desktop, and it provides 0.1mm precision printing by using a 0.4mm nozzle. If that's all about a 3D printer, it is doomed to be ordinary, but what makes U30 stand out?
Like Alfawise U20, our latest 3D printer combines useful resume functions, full color touchscreen, and low price. More importantly, backed by a powerful development team, we offer better services, so you can contact our experts on Facebook at any time for technical support.

Easy To Resume Any Failed 3D Prints

Using other 3D printers, you will get impatient to check the filament from time to time after the process is started. What's more, it's no use crying over a failed 3D print, if you forget about the supplies. This problem causes big troubles for tens of thousands of users.
However, with Alfawise U30, this is not the case. The new printer is equipped with a filament detector, so the extruder will not move when the filament reaches the end. In other words, the printing process will be stopped automatically, giving you plenty of time to reload the filament.
Similarly, the memory function is quite useful in case of power outage by recording position on X, Y, Z axis in real time. Thus, the project will not be canceled or restarted after U30 is powered up again, but can be continued from where it has been stopped, saving valuable time and avoiding filament waste.

More Convenient Touch Control  

Alfawise U30 is a semi-assembled kit, providing you great opportunity to learn every part of a 3D printer and customize it. The 2.8'' full color touchscreen of Alfawise U30 can be installed on both sides, offering the same intuitive operation for anyone. This is great for the left-handed, around 12% of the world population.
Needless to say, the touchscreen delivers higher level of control over standard buttons, just like the difference between the smartphones nowadays and most mobile phones in the last decade. Take advantage of the touchscreen, easily select the files, move the nozzle, control the temperature and extrusion, adjust the printing speed, cooling fan speed...
What's the best to have for 2018? Alfawise U30 3D printer! Because it gives you the joy of building, and the ability to get endless printed masterpieces effortlessly. All things considered, why not get a better 3D printer while paying for nearly the same price?

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