the best budget cordless stick vacuum to effortlessly clean home

the best budget cordless stick vacuum to effortlessly clean home

Spend a lot of time sweeping and dusting don't help, because the dirt and the dust are way too tiny to be seen. That's why most people are glad to move around their houses with a vacuum cleaner. Have you been looking for a good one within budget? Never miss Alfawise's latest cordless handheld cyclonic vacuum cleaner, FJ - 166A.

How to work at peak efficiency?

Firstly, as all vacuums suck up dirt by taking in air, the power, airflow rate, and suction power matter. Alfawise FJ - 166A is equipped with more powerful motor to absorb 50% more air and increase the suction power to 6.6 kPa. As it passes by, not only can the visible be taken away, but also the invisible.

Secondly, FJ - 166A helps you clean more, stop less, and avoid doing repetitive work. The dust bin size is 500ml, about 42% bigger than other vacuum cleaners, so you won't need to stop midway to empty the dirt. Moreover, Alfawise FJ - 166A saves valuable time, because its motorized floor tool has soft PE bristles capable of removing 94% impurities at a time. In comparison, those with hard nylon bristles are like brooms, leaving 40% behind. Needlessly to say, the soft bristles do no harm to the floor and the carpet.

Clean or filthy? Why does the cyclone make a difference?

Just like the washing machines, the most popular vacuum cleaners use the cyclone to quickly suck in dusty air and spin it at high speed, separating out heavy particles which are to be trapped and collected. Alfawise FJ - 166A features double cyclonic separation to avoid secondary pollution. This is different from the cyclonic separator only consisting of a single filter and a cone, incapable of absorbing ultra-fine dust, what's worse, the cone tends to be clogged after a few weeks.

The two cyclonic separation systems completely solve these problems, the first one includes a canister and a central partition plate to collect big particles, then, the dusty air will go through the second separation system to effectively remove 99% micro dust, mites, allergens, etc. In the end, the air becomes much cleaner and fresher, without secondary pollutants.


Much easier to use

The control buttons of Alfawise FJ - 166A are independent, meeting the European Union requirements, and you can select the high/low speed and power on/off directly. However, other vacuums with only one control button have to be stopped after the suction power is adjusted to the highest. Watch out when the power is increased before you turn them off.

The wall mount and power adapter of FJ - 166A vacuum cleaner are not integrated, so it is unnecessary to place the mount near a wall socket or put back the machine to charge it. Choose anywhere you like!

Other considerations

Where can you clean with a full set of accessories? The floor, carpet, wall, sofa, curtain, car interior, and much more. Except the motorized floor tool, both the crevice tool and wide mouth brush are 2-in-1, integrated with an extension hose, so you can reach everywhere without bending over or stretching out.

As for the electrical safety, you won't run a risk of using the battery, because it is fully protected from over-charging and over-discharging. In addition, its housing is made of V0 flame-retardant PP and ABS material.

Furthermore, the cost of replacement is lower. Alfawise FJ - 166A provides an additional HEPA filter cartridge for another six months. Plus, replacing the entire main machine is unnecessary because its battery is completely removable.


Finally, get an overview by looking at the specs, and you probably cannot wait to use it. Effortlessly clean better, faster!



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