Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR Dash Camera

Alfawise MB05: The Top Budget Dash Cam For Worry-free Driving

Finding the best dash cam among thousands of models for your car is overwhelming. This is only true before the sales of Alfawise MB05 car DVR dash camera, which is impeccable in image quality, installation, user experience, and quality.


Are you looking for the sharpness?

1080P Full HD cameras presents 100% more details than 720P ones. And the features? Alfawise MB05 has everything you want, including LCD display, built-in WiFi, loop recording, gravity sensor, parking monitoring, and so on. Let's find out more about Alfawise MB05.


The most prominent feature of MB05 is the F1.4 ultra large aperture, with which the image brightness is greatly improved and the details are clearer, especially in low light.

Seeing is believing! We've driven a car after installed Alfawise MB05, snapped a dozen photos on the road, and found out its advantages:



Apart from the image quality, a dash cam ought to be as small as possible to avoid obstructing the view. The top of Alfawise MB05 can be attached to the windshield, perfectly hidden behind the sun visor. It takes up much less space, blocking 55% less area than traditional cameras. Drive safely without obstructed view.

Alfawise MB05 is more convenient to use.

The provided car charger has two USB ports to provide power with it and another device. However, that comes with other dash cams may only has one, thus, supplying power for another device is impossible. Alfawise MB05 dash cam is more user friendly, i.e. the user manual is in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese; the system has 12 languages for users worldwide. Get the hang of the functions and settings as soon as you get the camera.

Aflawise MB05 also has higher quality.

because it is CE, RoHS compliant, with battery passing UN38.3. The product functions well under excessive temperature ( -10°C and 65°C ), benefiting from an excellent heat dissipation system.

As it is known to all that heat dissipation plays a critical role in the performance and durability of any electronics. While most DVR cameras use stainless steel, in comparison, Alfawise MB05 is the only car dash cam which uses copper to avoid the accumulation of heat and aging of the product. According to the table below, the thermal conductivity of copper is over 1200% higher than that of the steel, so there is no doubt that the quality of Alfawise MB05 is more reliable and durable.


At last, let's have an overview of Alfawise MB05 by looking at the specs. You won't hesitate to take advantage of the flash sale, during which the price is $10 lower.



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