Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Mop Support From Alfawise V10 Max

Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Mop Support From Alfawise V10 Max

Why do I choose Alfawise V10 Max?

  The Alfawise V10 Max laser robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular vacuum cleaner units on the market today. This device can scan the whole area through its laser ability. It's 360' radar will draw an accurate map in real-time. This unit can mark any obstacle points by using its SLAM algorithm. As a result, it can be used to create an efficient cleaning mode. It can help you clean all parts of your home or office automatically.

  This robot vacuum cleaner is also supported by some useful features. You will be impressed with the overall vacuum ability that is offered by this unit. It is going to combine some incredible features, for example, an electric control air pump, three levels of water volume, a large water tank, and also automatic safety flowing water stop during charging. This robot can provide a real intelligent cleaning ability for all users.



What is the real experience of Alfawise V10 Max?

a. Design

  This robot vacuum cleaner is popular among many people because it has an incredible design for supporting your cleaning needs. Its automatic robot system is combined perfectly with its anti-tangled brush. This brush can sweep away hair and dirt immediately. This brush also has a good suction ability, so you can remove all dirt from your floors completely. When you plan to start cleaning your home with this robot vacuum cleaner, you can get access to its LSD robotic system. You can control all functions and features from this vacuum cleaner easily.





b. Cleaning Ability

  The Alfawise V10 Max laser vacuum cleaner has a powerful cleaning ability. The combination of laser navigation and SLAM mechanism can give you an automatic cleaning ability. This vacuum cleaner has about 32 sets of sensors, so the cleaning process will be precise. This unit can accurately remember the position of any furniture, such as tables, stairs. Therefore, it will not collide and will not fall. Once it is done with the cleaning process, this unit can find the charging base for starting the recharging process.



  This robot vacuum cleaner also has a smart APP that comes with thoughtful design. 6 different cleaning modes can suit your needs, for example sweeping the whole parts of your house, cleaning specific areas, sweeping the forbidden areas, focusing on cleaning, deep cleaning, and also scheduled a cleaning. You can also use the APP function to set up the virtual wall. You can use this function to prevent the vacuum cleaner to enter certain parts of your house, for example, the bathroom.

This vacuum cleaner has a 450 ml capacity water tank equipped with electronic pump control. This intelligent system can stop the motor automatically when the unit is charged. This feature is very useful to prevent water leakage that may occur in the water tank. This water tank capacity allows you to clean up to 300 m2 house. There is no need to add water when you are planning to clean all parts of your house.





Many people are interested in using this powerful automatic vacuum cleaner. This unit has a laser navigation system and SLAM feature. There are about 32 sets of sensors that are specially added to this unit. This unit also comes with an anti-collision sensor. Therefore, this unit can work automatically without hitting any items inside your rooms.


c. Pro

  There are a lot of benefits that are offered by this device. You can get this powerful vacuum cleaner at a very affordable price. It is offered at about $319.99. Although this unit is available at a very affordable price, you can rely on the overall quality of this unit. Its 2200 kPa suction power is strong enough to absorb any unwanted items from your floor, such as paper scraps, pet poop, cat litter, some garbages in your kitchen, etc.

This robot vacuum cleaner is supported by its strong battery. The overall battery life of this unit can reach up to 120 minutes. This performance allows you to clean up to 250 m2 houses on a single charge. You can save a lot of time and energy because you don't need to stop your cleaning process for recharging this unit. When you are planning to start utilizing this device, you can simply use its Google Home or Alexa voice control. You can wake up this device by using your voice.




After looking at this article, you should understand why this device is very popular among many people. You need to know why this vacuum cleaner can help you clean all parts of your home quickly and easily. You will save a lot of time and effort when using this robot vacuum cleaning unit to keep all parts of your home or office as clean as possible.


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