Which Vacuum Cleaner IS The Most Worth Buying?

Which Vacuum Cleaner IS The Most Worth Buying?


  Robot Vacuum Cleaners have become the trend in homes where regular vacuum cleaning is observed. Although the standing canister vacuum cleaner performs a better job at keeping the house clean, the ease of use of robotic vacuum cleaners for multiple cleaning in a week makes them the more preferred alternative. Of course, cleaning your floor with the traditional vacuum cleaner twice a week can be a quite tedious task. An investment in robot vacuum cleaners more opportunities to clean your floor more frequently in order to achieve the clean home you desire.


How to choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner that suits your house?

 Choosing the right vacuum cleaner can be quite confusing as many robot vacuum cleaners out there offer many enticing features that may or may not align with one's specific need. To choose the right robot vacuum cleaner, you must be deliberate about what you really want and align your needs with the peculiarities of your environment. Below is a guide to help you.


What is the floor of your house like?

  Is your floor type wooden or concrete? What floor covers do you use? Carpet, rug or hardwood? You may want to be specific if you have a pet such as a dog or a cat that leaves strands of hair flying around the house?


How much can you afford to spend?

  Decent robot vacuum cleaners can be acquired at $200. A robot vacuum cleaner with extra features enabled can go as high as $600. Whether your budget is small or big, you need a vacuum cleaner that will be worth the value of your money.


What about battery life?

  Most robot vacuum cleaners are battery-powered. You want to be sure that your device when fully charged can perform all your cleaning tasks in one or two sessions. Since the robot vacuum cleaner is meant to save time and stress, low battery life tends to increase the time that would be taken to complete tasks.


Do you need a mobile app, compatible model?

  Some robot vacuum cleaners come with mobile apps that make controlling the device easier. Some apps enable the devices to map out areas that have already been cleaned so the user can focus on other areas where the attention of the device is clearly needed.


Some models clean better than others.

  Some models are best for picking dust and sand particles only. Some can sip off hair from carpets. Some models work better on carpets than on rugs.

  Bearing the above tips in mind should help you determine what you should be looking out for in a robot vacuum cleaner.

  In this article, we review four top-rated robot vacuum cleaners to help you determine which of them would suit your individual needs.



1. Specs

2. Cleaning Ability

  Alfawise V10 Max offers more than four different sweeping modes. When fully charged, it can clean up to 250 square meters of floor. Alfawise V10 Max cleans carpet, ceramic, tile and wood floor.

Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner offers less cleaning space per charge when compared to Alfawise. It also sweeps more floor types than Alfawise V10 Max. Xiaomi Mi is suitable for cleaning carpet, ceramic, marble floor, shag carpet, tile and wood floor.

Roborock S5 Max and iRobot Roomba®960 can effectively clean similar floor types mentioned earlier.
Factors that indirectly indicate the cleaning ability of vacuum cleaners include suction, water tank capacity, and the presence of mopping function. Of all the products above, Alfawise V10 Max seems to surpass the rest.


3. Performance

  The size of the debris bin can affect performance, especially when cleaning very dusty rooms. iRobot Roomba®960 has the highest bin capacity and this is an indicator of quality performance.

These four products are top-rated products in their own right. However, there are a few cons about iRobot Roomba®960. Some users complain that the device skips some floor space during cleaning. In terms of users' review ratings, Alfawise V10 Max and Xiaomi Mi seem to outperform the other two.



  Based on the specifications above, Alfawise V10 Max and Xiaomi Mi are the cheaper robotic vacuum cleaners. There is no doubting their quality performance. They will surely deliver in terms of value for money.



  Sometimes the most expensive product may not necessarily be the best. All four products can clean major floor types. Their bin capacities vary widely. If you are more likely to be working in very dusty rooms, getting a vacuum cleaner with bigger bin capacity is a great decision. However, if you need just a simple device to take care of your small house, you can spend less and still get quality performance with Alfawise V10 Max and Xiaomi Mi. Both products have shown exceptional features and can serve individuals who wish to use cheaper robotic vacuum cleaners for their house floors.  



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