Alfawise B15 15L Smart Portable Car Freezer / Fridge Refrigerator

Main Features:
● Accurate -20 to 20 Celsius degree temperature control, support refrigeration and freezing
● Supports quick-freeze mode, fast refrigerate to - 20 Celsius degree
● Smart APP control, Bluetooth connection
LCD screen, real-time temperature setting and display

● Anti-leakage inner tank with 40mm insulation foaming, excellent energy-saving and power-off cold storage
Automotive battery protection mode, does not affect battery service life or the normal start of the car
● Built-in DC inverter compressor, comes with cigarette lighter plug and AC plug, suitable for home and outdoor use
● Durable and stable, run smoothly for more than 10 years
45W low power consumption, equivalent to one car headlight
57 x 32 x 26cm small size, fits most small vehicle trunk
● 15L capacity, can store 20 cans of cola or 10 bottles of water


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  • Hi, What is the inside dimensions of this freezer? Thanks

    The capacity is 15L.