Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Android 6.0 Smart Projector

The Alfawise is superior to red and blue 3D effect. The visual impact is more three-dimensional so that you will immerse yourself in every living scene. Besides, the LED lighting provides 1800 luminous efficiency. Maximally supporting 1080P resolution with 2000:1 contrast ration, the Alfawise is ideal for home entertainment for the clear tableau. It provides a watching size from 34 inch to 130 inch with the projection distance between 1 - 4M. A projection distance of about 2M is the recommended viewing distance. What is more, energy saving lamps have a long service life of 20000 hours, giving you a high-quality life.

Main Features:
Shock red and blue 3D effect
1080P high resolution
Built-in HiFi speakers
Manual keystone correction
20000 hours lamp life
● Maximum screen size up to 130 inch
● Two infrared receivers for better and faster signal receiving
● With U45 lens protective circle, the lens won't be scratched easily

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  • How can red/blue 3d activated? (non-android version of A12)

    It does not need to be activated, as long as you download the red and blue 3D source, connect it by connecting U disk/computer, etc. Remember to wear red and blue 3D glasses.

  • wanted to buy the lamp of this project as, indicates some store

    Sorry, we do not sell the light of this device spearately, and the light is not recommended to be replaced by the customer.

  • A entrada atv pode ser utilizada no Brasil?

    If your local TV station can support, you could use it.

  • Did I eat for 3d to work?

    I am very sorry that I cannot understand your problem well. Would you please provide more details about your problem? Thank you.

  • The HDMI port is no longer receiving a signal. After a week of use, the project is displaying NO SIGNAL consistently with exact same set-up (MacBook via HDMI). Any suggestions?

    For after-sale problems,please kindly send an email to to solve it. 

  • Quanto de energia consome esse projetor

    Isso também é afetado pelo brilho.

  • Hello. Can I install OS on basic version projector?

    Sorry,you cannot intall OS on basic version projector.

  • A versão sem OS possui Buletooh?

    No,it is without OS or Buletooh.

  • Hello. I found the wifi connection is very slow. Do you have any solution for this issue?

    Please kindly contact to another wifi and try again.
    If it is still very slow,please kindly contact the after-sale customer service to confirm this issue.

  • Na gearbest informaram que o projetor e 2000 lumens mas aqui diz que é 1800 qual desses está certo e o projetor é 1280x720 mesmo?

    A resolução nativa do produto é de 1280 x 720 e também pode suportar fontes de 1080p.