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  Note: please make sure the opening direction and the size of your door fit the lock.

Main Features:
Five ways to Unlock
Support password, RFID card, fingerprint, mechanical key, APP 5 kinds of unlocking mode, the operation is very convenient, suitable for 35 - 100mm door thickness
App Proximity Detection Smartphone Connectivity
The "Tuya" App is designed for iOS and Android devices and gives you easy door access and tracking abilities. You can view the access logs in the App for detailed information about who has opened your door, at what times, and how they get
Emergency Charging and Power-saving
Equipped with emergency charging port and backup charger. Don't need to worry about being locked outside but only to prepare 4 pieces AAA batteries ( not included ). Backlit Keypad for use in night. The backlit keypad will be automatically lights up when press any button
Weatherproof Function
Made of zinc alloy and stainless steel that durable and secure. It's easy to clean and not easy to rust. Boasts with weather-sealed components that prevent dust and dirt from entering, allowing it to function in most weather conditions



Dimension and Weight

Product weight: 1.7200 kg
Package weight: 2.3400 kg
Product size: 27.00 x 15.00 x 7.00 cm / 10.63 x 5.91 x 2.76 inches
Package size: 36.70 x 13.00 x 21.20 cm / 14.45 x 5.12 x 8.35 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Smart Lock, 1 x Set of Lock Cylinders, 2 x Key, 2 x RFID Card, 1 x English User Manual

What unlocking methods does Alfawise E202 Touchscreen Fingerprint Smart Lock support?

It supports 5 kinds of unlocking methods: fingerprint, swipe, password, APP, key

What is the max thickness of door does it fit?

It supports 4-10 CM thick doors.

How many users can I enter? And setting up a few administrators?

100 users and 3 administrators.

What is the material of Alfawise E202 Touchscreen Fingerprint Smart Lock?

Aluminum alloy + IML film coating process.

Is the low battery alarm supported?

When the voltage is less than 4.8V, it will automatically alarm, after the alarm can also unlock 50 times, need to replace the battery in time. If the battery is exhausted, you can connect the mobile power emergency power supply through the USB interface on the lower part of the door lock. You need to replace the battery immediately after unlocking.

What specifications of battery power are needed? How long the working time of it?

It is powered by 4 AA batteries (the product does not have a battery), and the standby time is 7000 hours (calculated by 10 times per day), which can be used for more than half a year.


Ask a Question
  • Hello. The door it close automatically, If I forget to lock?

    As long as pull the door, it will lock itself.

  • It's water resistant? I want install at open sky

    It's better not to used in heavy rain because there are many electronic components inside. The lock will have problems.

  • What technology i used for the RFID cards? Is it possible to get the lock specific key so we can create own spare cards and wearables?

    RFID cards are specially encrypted. Door locks are a kind of security products. It is not recommended that users purchase spare cards themselves or copy them with smart devices. There is a risk.

  • Can use the door that has thickness 35 mm?

    It is  suitable for 35 - 100mm door thickness .

  • Do you need to wake the lock up before using fingerprint to unlock it and if so what do you need to do to wake it up?

    Please use your finger to touch the lock panel to wake up the lock.

  • Is it compatible with safety doors with multi-point locking system? By which you have to pull up the handle (so multi-point locking happens) before you can lock the door?

    Sorry, It is not possible to lift the handle above horizonal level.

  • To this smart lock use Tuya APP. How can I see who is in the program, (fingerprint, password, card) how can I delete only 1 user, how can I choose the right user to delete.

    At present, you cannot delete or add users from the APP, and you can only operate on the lock surface. The operation of deleting the user on the lock surface is long press *, after pressing the administrator, press and hold * again. At this time, the 1, 2, 3, 4 indicator lights up and the system prompts: press 1 to delete all fingerprint users, press 2 to delete all password users. , press 3 to delete all card users, press 4 to delete all users. This operation can only delete users of the same type and cannot delete the specified one. Later, we may upgrade this feature to remove the functionality of the specified user.

  • Where Can i get more fdid cards and how much approximatly cost ?

    Sorry, we do not have the spare cards to sell.

  • Hello. Can be installed outdoor? on the gate for example

    You can install it outdoor.