Alfawise H19 RFID Sports Smartwatch Fitness Tracker


Alfawise H19 Smartwatch is a product that is easy to wear and can be used to collect fitness data and information. After 2 hours' charging, it can be used for 10 days. This lightweight, waterproof smartwatch lets you achieve your health and fitness goals with all-weather heart rate, activity tracking, motion tracking, sleep monitoring, and screen exercise. In addition, the colorful sleek look and durable strap and dial fit any fashion outfit.

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Main Features:
● NFC analog IC door card, after the smart door lock writes data to the wristband, you don't have to care if you forget to carry the door card
● Daily sports activity tracking, built-in pedometer, calorie data, synchronized mobile phone GPS, moving distance, multiple sports mode records, etc. Break your own records every day
● Real-time health monitoring - heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleep monitoring to take care of your health
● Portable extensions for smartphones, never miss a call. Call reminder, one-click rejection, information push, remote shutter, etc.
1.3 inch 240 x 240 TFT color display for full display of multiple text messages
● IP67 waterproof, no need to worry about sweating or rainy days, swimming
● 180mAh lithium-ion battery, working time is up to 10 days, standby time is 30 days after charged for 2 hours
● Different dial styles and colors to choose, free combination

Tip: resting the bracelet at night may result in inaccurate sleep data. It is recommended to use this product continuously to monitor body movement characteristics.

Alfawise H19 sports smartwatch



Brand: Alfawise
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
Built-in chip type: NRF52832
IP rating: IP67
Waterproof: Yes
Working Temperature: -10 to 50 Deg.C


Alert type: Vibration
Health tracker: Blood Oxygen,Blood Pressure,Heart rate monitor,Pedometer,Sedentary reminder,Sleep monitor
Notification: Yes
Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote music


Screen: TFT
Screen resolution: 240 x 240
Screen size: 1.3 inch
Operating mode: Touch Key


Battery Capacity: 180mAh
Charging Time: About 2hours
Standby time: more than 30 days
Input: 5V 1A

Dial and Band

Band material: TPU
Case material: Stainless Steel
Shape of the dial: Square


Compatability: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or later
Compatible OS: Android,IOS
Language: Arabic,English,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Spanish,Traditional Chinese,Ukrainian

Does it have alarm function?

Hello Ravi,
Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes it has alarm function.

can we see photos in watch and can we change the design of clock display

Hello Amir,

You can change the design in the APP.

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Ask a Question
  • How can I set this watch to flight mode or how can I turn off the Bluetooth function?

    The app will not be connected when this is closed.

  • Hello, does this watch have automatic continuous hart rate tracking?

    Yes, the data is collected automatically for 30 minutes, and the historical data dynamic graph can be viewed in the APP or heart rate function interface.

  • Can I swim an hour with the watch?

    It is best not to wear when swimming.

  • How can i configurate my NFC and how i can use it.

    H19's NFC is a passive chip that requires reading by other smart devices. Such as smart access control, attendance machine, RFID radio frequency reader.

  • What is the app called ??

    The name of App is Da Fit.

  • Is there any compatible app for iPads?

    The Apple Store app is Da Fit.

  • hi! can i see whatsapp notification?

    H19 can see the information of any mobile phone notification field, you need to set the permission notification for whatsapp.

  • Is it possible to increase the screen lightness?

    There is screen brightness inside the bracelet, which can be set.

  • Does the watch have built-in GPS?

    It does not have built-in GPS.

  • is there a way to create custom functions? like weather or stopwatch?

    The DA fit software used in the H19 bracelet can be used for basic settings. If you need to change the program function, you can make suggestions in the app.

  • What's the range of this smart watch?

    The Bluetooth connection of the bracelet is 10 meters (no obstacles).

  • Can the watch display weather information?

    The watch does not currently display the weather function, you can use the weather APP to set the message push, you can regularly check the weather information on the watch.

  • how do I activate the bluetooth of the Alfawise H19, to connect to the smartphone?

    Please use the app to connect, do not use Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth needs to be on but do not connect the bracelet.

  • Text messages are way too small to read. Is there a way to make the text display bigger?

    The font size of the device cannot be adjusted.

  • Compré mi reloj pero no se empareja con el smartphone. La aplicación Da fit no permite agregar nuevo dispositivo. Ayúdame urgente por favor. Gracias

    Sobre las preguntas después de la venta, envíe correo electrónico a para obtener solución.

  • Will be there any update for this watch’s operation system may be addition ability?

    If there are new features, we will update them in time.

  • Hi, may I know the depth length of the watch? Thanks

    The screen size is1.3 inch, and the thickness is about 5mm.  

  • the strap can be change?

    The strap can be changed.

  • Qué aplicación. De Android se usa sincronizar el reloj y llevarel registro de actividades

    La aplicación de este dispositivo llamado Da Fit.

  • the watch can hold how many simulation card ?

    This device can not hold simulation card.  

  • Is there any possibility to control spotify in the smartwatch?

    The smartwatch controls the default playback software for the phone system. Whether to support control spotify depends on the matching permissions of your mobile phone system and APP.

  • Legge le notifiche WhatsApp?

    Yes, it can read WhatsApp notifications.

  • Share a screen image how it looks like to receive and read a sms message.

    The device receive and read a sms message by connecting the app.

  • Hello, I received my watch but I do not find how to set my RFID badge. I can not find anything in the menus or on the "Da Fit" app. Help me please.

    The RFID of the watch is written by a smart device, such as an attendance machine/smart door lock/smartphone.

  • Peut on utiliser les fonctions NFC avec un tel android et avec quels application?

    There are many programs for reading and writing NFC functions on mobile phones. We do not provide mobile programs. It is recommended to search RFID/NFC related programs in the application market. What kind of functions can the application use to write the bracelet, let the bracelet ring the attendance, open the door lock, etc., and even copy some ID cards.

  • peu t'elle simulé pour ouvrir cette serrure

    I am very sorry that I cannot understand your problem well. Would you please provide more details about your problem?

  • Can I use a credit card with NFC?

    Sorry, the NFC does not support credit card, this watch can only be written to ordinary ID information.

  • What are screen dimensions? My wrist is very thin, it going to be large?

    The Screen size is 1.3 inch.

  • Does it monitor Swimming activities? I mean, does it can monitor distance I swimmed? What's does it made of?

    Yes, for swimming, it can provide data of Heart rate, calories and time.  

  • Is the screen tactile?

    The Operating mode of this device is Touch Key.

  • Does it come with some sort of SDK to make apps?

    The App of this item is Da Fit.  

  • Can I use it with my iPhone 6S via iOS 12.x

    Yes, you can use it with iPhone 6S via iOS 12.x

  • hello, swimming tracking, what stats do i receive about swimming?

    It can show heart rate, calories and  time while you are swimming.