Alfawise Ai 202 Pluggable UV-C Deodorizer Sterilizer Smart PIR Night Light

Main Features:
● Triple disinfection and dedusting deodorizer, auto-activation PIR human infrared night light
● Product adopted HD 20 million plasma ion purification technology with features include killing bacteria, remove harmful gases,odor, PM2.5 harmful substances
● Fast to eliminate the bad smell of the bathroom or the smell of cigarettes
Medical grade UV-C lamp and titanium oxide photocatalyst can effectively kill bacteria, deodorize and remove formaldehyde
● After tested in major laboratories, about 99.9 percent microbes killed
● Built-in silent fan promotes air circulation, can effectively enhance the purification effect of plasma generator and photocatalyst and ultraviolet light
● Auto-activated PIR motion sensor, CPU timing delay mode and 24-hour always-on mode, and self-adaptive and auto-activation warm night light
● Filter range: allergens, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, mold, dust mites, VOC, paint flavor, formaldehyde and so on


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