Alfawise B2 Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Main Features
• Complete functions: time, step, mileage, calories
• Heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring
• Call reminder, information push, find phone function
• NFC card swipe function, you can brush smart door lock
• Multi-sports mode: running, climbing, riding
• Two-tone strap, sporty style, comfortable to wear
• 180mAh, standby for 30 days, long battery life


Ask a Question
  • What us the IP rating? Can the screen be “always visible”, or do you need to activate display to see? Does it allow all day automatic tracking of: Distance, steps Pulse, heart rate, Blood oxygen, SPO2 And allow them to be downloaded to and graphed by the app? What is the app?

    1.IP67 level.

    2. Can not continue to brighten.

    3. Distance, step number These two functions are based on your exercise data changing from time to time. Heart rate Blood pressure The blood oxygen function needs to be adjusted to the corresponding interface to be able to detect data. It is not able to download chart formats and jump applications.