Alfawise KS1 Smart Home Remote Controller

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Almighty Controller:
Smart Control:
Controls your infrared devices from your smart phone remotely outside your home
Easy App Control:
Remotely switching on / off, and setting up timers for home devices
Temperature sensing, and smart triggers for infrared home devices
IR Control:
Supports all infrared remote controlled devices such as TVs, DVD player, air conditioner, electric curtains, smart lamps

- Temperature sensing
Detecting the ambient temperature, when the temperature reaches the set value can turn on or off air conditioner, heating system, humidifier, etc.
- Timing function
Set timer to switch on / off air conditioner and TVs.
- Scene mode
Supports various modes, such as going home, leaving home, sleeping, watching the ball, looking after children and other modes.


Basic Information

Brands: Alfawise
Model: KS1

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 0.0800 kg
Package weight: 0.1350 kg

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Controller, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English Manual


Why Alfawise KS1 WIFI + IR Mini Infrared Universal Remote Control cannot connected to Internet?

  • Please make sure your current WiFi router has stable signal. It is suggested to restart the device, restart the router, and reconfigure. Please follow the manual instruction.

How to complete the controller and mobile phone pairing?

  • Press the controller reset button → the indicator flashes quickly → add a device (on mobile phone) → select “Infrared device” → next (search for device) → bind the searched device to a certain room (note: one room can only be bound to one "gateway" or "infrared companion", you can click "device" in "I" → "My Device", assign the room where the device is located).

Why the device cannot do what I assigned from my mobile phone App?

  • Outside home control works only after the-first-time App setting is all right. For the-first-time App setting, the controller device and your mobile phone must be connecting the same home WIFI, please make sure the first assignment setting works.

Why the product can't be charged?

  • The USB wire that comes with the product package is used for power supply. It is of 5V 1A standard cable.