Alfawise Original M1 Folding Electric Scooter

Main Features:
● Tire: the rear wheel of the vacuum tire front wheel honeycomb tire, taking into account the shock absorption and safety, riding more comfortable
● Brake: equipped with the double brake system, the front wheel adopts E-ABS anti-lock braking system, the rear wheel adopts mechanical disc brake, the braking distance is as short as 4 meters, and the riding is safer
● Display: display gear position, speed, power, control headlights
● Taillights: the taillights often flash when riding, and the brakes are always bright, making riding safer
● Battery: LG18650 Li-ion battery pack, battery capacity 280Wh, intelligent BMS battery management system, cruising range of 30km
● Braking: advanced E-ABS braking system, kinetic energy recovery system, cruise control system and intelligent BMS system
● System protection: short circuit protection, over current protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, low voltage protection, and temperature abnormal protection
● Kinetic energy recovery: electric scooters have a kinetic energy recovery system that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and provides better battery life
● Frame: aviation grade aluminum frame, perfect balance between strength and weight
● Quick folding: 3 seconds fast-folding design, stable and convenient


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  • Hello, my name is Marco Raposo, owner of a camping company and wanted to implement one of your products in a campsite so that people can move around the product in question is the M1 electric scooter And I wonder when it will cost me 100 thanks marco raposo

    GearBest is the main official distribution channel. The sales of all Alfawise’s products on GearBest are authorized.  For the price or discount, please kindly contact GearBest customer service directly.

  • I would like to purchase the M1 in Canada but take it back with me to Australia. Would you please advise if the actual units are any different & / or do you have power converters I can also purchase.

    All our products are finished goods and are sold exactly as described.  We will send an adapter with all our products according to the order's country of delivery.  

  • Hi I have received your scooter few hours ago. After switching ON there is "E2" code on the speed display and all 'battery" blue leds are on (assume battery is fully charged) what does the E2 code stand for ? thank you

    For after-sale problems,please kindly send an email to to solve it. 

  • Does this scooter have a Bluetooth module? I know that it does not have an official mobile app, but is there the theoretical possibility to connect to the scooter via Bluetooth?

    Sorry, it does not have a Bluetooth module.

  • Good morning Ricardo talks to you from Chile, I am exchanging emails with a person his name is "Jack Ke" and he says to sell alfawise scooter M1, he says that he is an authorized seller his company is called Shenzhen Joyline Co., Ltd. and his mail is Jack. I would like to know if I can trust this seller.

    Yes,please feel free to make business with Jack

  • Question about Alfawise Original M1 > Do you sell spare parts for this model ? My hud didn't work anymore / Speed indicator and battery indication no longer work. Where can i order some spare parts ? Thanks.

    For after-sale problems,please kindly send an email to to get the resolution. 

  • Does the scooter has an App like the xiaomi M365?

    The product does not have an APP. Please kindly check the power and speed of the scooter on the meter directly.

  • Hi, Do you sell battery replacement for this electric scooter ? i have an old 6.6Ah battery with the same model but i saw that it is now equipped with a 7.8Ah battery Thanks laurent.

    We will sell spare batterie in the near future. The 7.8Ah and 6.6Ah are equipped with 30 18650 batteries. The occupied volume is the same. If the plug and screw positions of the battery are the same, they can be replaced in principle. But the 7.8Ah battery is more durable than the 6.6Ah, and the battery life will be longer.