Alfawise R8C Smart Bracelet Wristband 0.96 inch Colorful Screen

The Alfawise R8C smart bracelet will live a smarter life with you. The bracelet can help you record all your activities in the day, calculate the distance you walk and calories burned, take care of your health, monitor your sleep, remind you to have a rest and track your steps, mileage, and calories for high-quality sports. You can charge the bracelet at any USB port after taking the wristband off. A perfect gift for your lover, parents, and friends, etc.

Main Features:
Blood pressure, heart rate, steps, calories, distance, and fatiguedetection
Map, time, distance, step and heat consumption of sport are recorded in detail
Reminds you to rest by vibrating
Incoming call reminding
● USB charged directly
● You can cover all message at a glance with big screen
● 80mAh lithium-ion battery consumes less power
● 7 - 10 days standby time, 1.5h charging time
● Analyses weekly health data
● Download Wearfit2.0 app to record your sports condition

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