Alfawise YINYU14 Aluminum Alloy Folding Electric Bike

Main Features:
● 250W motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 25 degree gradient
● 7.8Ah 36V Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for max 30km mileage with pure electric mode and 55km mileage with moped mode
14 inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds
Folding design for convenient carrying
● Adjustable heights of saddle for different heights of people
Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode for choose
● LED front light to ride at night safely
● Carbon steel shell for max 180kg payload
● Suitable for adults and teenagers

- Wheel size: 14 inch tire
- Motor rated power: 250W
- Battery: 7.8Ah Li-ion battery
- Charge time: 2 - 3 hours
- Maximum speed: 25km/h
- Maximum load: 180kg
- Input voltage: 110 - 240V
- Brake: Disc brakes ( Fairer )
- Instrument: intelligent 5-speed power LCD display ( New Thinking )


Ask a Question
  • Where can I buy spare tire ?

    Sorry, we do not sell the the spare tire separately. Please keep in touch with the seller directly.

  • La version de 10.4ah cuando salió en venta? Lleva sensor torque o pass? En modo asistido pedal es hasta 25kmh o 15kmh como la fiido d1?

    Por favor, preste atención al anuncio en nuestro sitio.

  • Is there a key to switch on power or can every thief switch it on with the display? Can I take the Display away easily in a second to stop thiefs from stealing the Display and starting the bike?

    1. There is a power button on the display that can turn the display on or off. 2. If it is only to prevent theft of the product, it is recommended that you additionally lock the tires of the product during the period of not using it. 3. The display is fixed on the handle by screws and is not easy to remove.

  • 1) What is the difference between YINYU14 and X1? 2) Maximum height of saddle amd handlebar? 3) 17kg weight including batterie?

    1. They are the same product, one is the internal title and the other is the external title; 2. The maximum height of the handlebar is 100cm; 3. 17kg weight is including the battery.

  • 1) Can I take out the batterie to charge it outside? 2) If not, will there be a new model with a lockable batterie to take out? 3) What would your price for a replacement batterie? 4) If not possible: What´s the exact name/type of it - so that I can buy one for myself?

    (1) No,you cannot. (2) This model cannot be fitted with a plug-in battery; (3) The price of the replacement battery is between 90-100 USD; (4) Replaceable batteries will be available in December.Please kindly pay attention.

  • Hello, do you deliver the Alfawise X1 Folding Electric Bike to the UK? I'm desperate to get one! If not, then why? If so, then please know it's not working on Gearbest. How else can I order?

    Yes,it can be delivered to UK.
    You need to choose the country "United Kingdom” when you place an order.

  • I am 1,95m tall (weight 120 kg). Do you think I can use YINYU14? And what covers the warranty?

    Yes, you can use it, because the carbon steel frame supports 180kg payload.
    We offer 14-month warranty for the product.

  • Is this bike water-resistant? Does it come with throttle?

    Although the product is waterproof, it cannot be immersed in the water.
    Because it has the accelerator.

  • Hello, My name is Paulo, I'm from Portugal and I'm passionate about technology in general. I have a blog dedicated to this theme, blog that was already one of the finalists of the Blog of the Year contest, in the category of technology and innovation here in Portugal. One of the current trends is the use of individual electric vehicles, like hoverboards, electric scooters and electric bicycles. Some cities in my country, like lisbon, have already adopted them as a real transportation alternative, as you can see here In order to be able to make a great comparative, to be divulged in text and video, I am inquiring several brands for the possibility of providing some material that would like to see involved in this comparison. If it is possible to send some article to insert in this study, we will be happy to analyze it individually and then insert it in the comparative. I am waiting for an answer from you. Best regards Droidlab team

    Dear Paulo, Thank you for your inquiry about this! We have reported your request to our related colleague. She will get in touch with you about this.  Thank you for your patience and kind support.     Best regards, Alfawise support center