Alfawise ZTH02 ZigBee Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Function: detect ambient temperature and humidity
Transmission protocol: ZigBee
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
Battery: CR2032 (replaceable)
Battery capacity: 210mAh
Life time: + 12 months
Applications: Indoor use
Temperature range: - 10 Celsius degree to 50 Celsius degree
Temperature accuracy: ± 1 Celsius degree
Humidity range: 0 to 95 percent (no condensation)
Humidity accuracy: ± 5 percent
Transmission distance: indoor 10 - 30 meters (Different application environments will cause some differences in transmission distance)
Placement suggestions: Avoid placing in smoke and water droplets such as bathrooms and kitchens
APP: Smart Life or TuyaSmart


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  • Is this compatible with Alexa?

    Sorry, it is not compatible with Alexa.

  • Do I need a hub, or just the Wifi connection? This is to work with Alexa Echo Plus...

    Sorry, it is not compatible with Alexa.